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My Story

I have been involved in the field of counselling and psychotherapy for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience of working in the charity sector, the NHS, and private practice. My interest in counselling and psychotherapy started in the 1980s when I was involved in HIV/AIDS work. I was deeply moved by what I witnessed: loss, bereavement, death, prejudice, and hope. At the time, I wasn’t equipped to deal with these painful and complex issues. My manager, on the other hand, was training to be a therapist, and I was heavily impacted by how he would be able to sit with challenging feelings in an empathetic, respectful way.

I said to myself: “I want to do that.” And that’s when I started training to be a therapist back in 1991, and since then I have continued to expand my knowledge and skills to enhance my work as a therapist. My goal has always been to act as a calming, reassuring figure who creates the space you need to openly deal with painful and challenging issues. I have over three decades of experience of helping people to understand the roots of their depression, anxiety and trauma so that they can go on to live more positive and fulfilled lives. Even people who initially were skeptical of how therapy might help them have found it to be enormously beneficial.

Along with working in the public and private sectors, I have also been involved with a number of voluntary organisations, including the RNIB where I facilitated a couple of support groups and the London Rape Crisis Center where I supervised their counsellors. I have also served as a trainer/facilitator for a number of organisations.

My Qualifications

  • BACP Accredited Counsellor
  • UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
  • MSc in Psychotherapy
  • Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
  • Fully trained EMDR Therapist
  • Advanced Certificate in Couples Counselling

I also hold a Certificate in Mindfulness

For more information on the different issues I can help with as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Pinner, Central London, and online, visit my How Can Counselling & Psychotherapy Help Me page.

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