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Ever since qualifying to be a counsellor in 1998, I have continued to grow my knowledge and skills to ensure I can work with people with all kinds of issues. Whether you require support with a current crisis or want to get to the root cause of a long-term issue like depression or anxiety, I use a number of different approaches including Transactional Analysis, Attachment Theory and EMDR to provide the tailored help you need to reach your goals. For over 30 years, my passion has been working with adults of all ages to improve their confidence, feel happier, and enjoy more satisfying relationships with others.

If you are thinking about reaching out for counselling and psychotherapy in North West London, Central London, or online, feel free to get in touch to have a free 10 minute conversation about how I work.

My Counselling Approaches

Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis was the first psychotherapy training I undertook as a clinician and I use it often in my work. The practice focuses on creating an improved understanding of your personality – in particular the different ego states. Through the sessions, you will gain an awareness of why you think, feel and behave the way you do. We will look at how you relate to others in real-time situations and how this affects your emotional wellbeing.

Over time, this increased awareness and understanding gives you the power to change how you feel, think and interact with others for the better, leading to more satisfying, fulfilling relationships in the future. TA also offers a psychological theory to understand and access your early childhood wounds and ultimately to heal them.

Attachment Theory

Attachment theory can be extremely helpful for complex and long-lasting issues like depression or anxiety since it focuses on understanding present-day feelings, thoughts and behaviors through analyzing early childhood relationships with caregivers (usually your parents). These relationships influence the way you perceive yourself and act as a template for all other types of attachment with friends, family members, and colleagues.

We will explore at these attachments together and understand the role they play in your life, eventually allowing you to live more in the present moment rather than one based on past painful childhood experiences.


By focusing on the present moment, mindfulness enables you to detach yourself from the negative thoughts that lead to issues like depression or anxiety. Mindfulness is about feeling what is happening in and around you at each moment.

Having this increased awareness of the present, rather than worrying about the future or the past, prevents you from sinking into old fear-based ways of thinking and instead allows you to process challenging emotions/events in a healthier way than before.

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I am a fully trained specialist in providing EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) – a psychotherapy model that has proven to help those experiencing anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, addiction, or other trauma-related issues. It aims to reprocess disturbing traumatic memories. Sometimes, an event occurs, such as a trauma that is just too painful or too big to process. Because it isn’t processed, the event is prevented from becoming a less distressing memory. Situations in everyday life may remind us of the original trauma, sometimes triggering us to have flashbacks where we re-experience the emotions and physical sensations we experienced at the time of the original trauma.

In EMDR, we use a method where the person, under the guidance of the EMDR practitioner, thinks and imagines the traumatic event. This results in the mind being able to process the traumatic event which will greatly reduce the distress in the long term.

Does EDMR Work Over Zoom?

You might be wondering whether it is possible to receive EDMR therapy over Zoom, and I can assure you that it is!

As part of my continuing professional development, I undertook specialist training to deliver EDMR online at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have since provided this extremely effective form of treatment to many clients.

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